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Cultural leisure

"As long as there are first and second class citizens, we will continue to call war."
Bob Marley

Culture is not a luxury product

We work hard so that people with Intellectual Functional Diversity (DFI) can access it with the necessary media to fully enjoy it.
Culture is a form of relationship with the environment. It is understood as culture all the knowledge, whether historical, literary, musical, artistic ... that a person has fruit of the study, reading or experiences lived, among others. The task that we have entrusted to the Elna Foundation is that the person with DFI feels that it belongs to a society through culture and that from this acquires the learning and resources that allow it to have a more dignified life, since for To this group, the acquisition of culture will gradually lose the invisibility that society has granted to us so far.   The methodology that we have set in order to achieve the appropriate learning and resources is based on experiences that are experienced, and that is why we program and plan various cultural events of different artistic disciplines and knowledge of the environment, and we invite the guys and girls to attend freely. They and they choose whether they want to be part of the activity or which they prefer. Space Fem Cultura As of November of 2015 we have opened a new space at the Elna Foundation that we have called Espa Fem Cultura. Before going to see a function or show, professionals offer boys and girls a monographic workshop about what we are going to see, about who are the artists who act and why we are going to see that show and not another. From this space we want to promote, little by little and to the extent that it can motivate the boys and girls, to acquire cultural knowledge (works by relevant authors of the theater, music, circus and painting). Our will is that they are people who can talk about the different arts beyond the anecdote. On the other hand, it is tried that the economic cost is not very high because we are aware that culture is not a luxury product and we want people with DFI to enjoy it without being an excessively large economic effort for families . This Fem Cultura space does not have an increase in the cost of the exit, since the foundation is in charge of it. Cultural agenda We have also created the Cultural Agenda for young people of the ELNA Foundation. We hope that the boys and girls learn to organize in the medium term, developing the timing process, which tends to be damaged to a greater or lesser extent. We also try to help families when planning their dates for their children / are doing different activities with the Elna Foundation. This agenda can be found on the Web and we also send it to young people and families by email. The Elna Foundation wants people who require intermittent and limited support to access culture through projects that allow them: Share interests with the rest of the citizens. Disassociate from the care image. Become active subjects within the world of culture and leisure. Learn culture based on experiences! Recreational activities On the other hand, the Elna Foundation program recreational activities that favor laughter, enthusiasm or rest. These are regular outings in small groups and occasional celebrations in larger groups (New Year's Eve, Carnival, San Juan, popular races ...) and short format activities (photography, painting, sewing, scrapbooking, dance ... ).  They and they, people with DFI, are the ones who choose where they want to go and with whom they would like to go.   The proposals are sent by email to each boy and girl of the Foundation (at the same time as to the family / guardian) and they answer, freely, if they wish to participate in that proposal or not. It facilitates and empowers each person to have their email and use it.