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Volunteer Project at the Elna Foundation

Registered with the Census of Voluntary Organizations of Catalonia of the Department of Social Welfare and Family (General Direction of Civic and Community Action) of the Generalitat de Catalunya with census number 001725-000.

"I can also change the world." Anonymous

People with Intellectual Functional Diversity (DFI) offer their knowledge to the community

The volunteers and volunteers of the Elna Foundation offer their time unselfishly by supporting:
  • Citizens, town councils ...
  • Voluntary Program for the Language: Linguistic pairs
  • Public Libraries
  • Private company, family business, museums and NGOs, among others
Experiences that help to improve the skills and personal and professional skills of the young volunteer in several aspects: Teaching him to manage his spare time. Creating positive and enriching experiences in the community. Developing values ​​such as generosity, cooperation and helping others. Even today, the group with DFI is stigmatized in a basically aid and dependency role. At the Elna Foundation we want to promote a turn in the social imagery, because we know that these people can become active and useful agents in different areas of society. Volunteer experiences are generally experienced by citizens without functional diversity towards citizens with functional diversity. In this way, we reaffirm this role of dependence, assistance, a little or no citizen in society, the person who will always need the help of others. From the Elna Foundation we intend to offer the maximum opportunities and experiences to young people with DFI to work on a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will allow them to develop successfully both in the workplace and in personal life. These transversal competences will impact on their development as a person and as a citizen and in their professional future. Therefore, they will become indispensable supports for the volunteer and will help you get a life-long learning and committed to your volunteer work and at the same time will have a positive impact on your personal life.

Resum del Pla d’Actuació 2019

Encara avui, el col·lectiu amb DFI està estigmatitzat en un rol bàsicament assistencial i de dependència. A la fundació volem promoure un gir en l'imaginari social, perquè sabem que aquestes persones poden esdevenir agents actius i d'utilitat en diferents àmbits de la societat. 

En tots els convenis s’estableix que aquests voluntaris no reben cap remuneració de les empreses o institucions esmentades. Des de la fundació es fa el seguiment i orientació tant al voluntari i a les seves famílies com a les empreses o institucions que hi participen. 

És un projecte que està tenint molta acceptació tot i que costa impulsar-lo perquè a les persones amb DFI els costa acceptar que elles poden ensenyar i ajudar als altres que no tenen discapacitat (estan molt acostumades a ser elles les que sempre necessiten ajuda).  Tant per part de les Entitats col·laboradores, de les persones particulars que han rebut ajuda, dels propis voluntaris així com de la mateixa fundació es valora com una proposta interessant, necessària i gratificant per amb dues parts.

Cada any acostumen a participar-hi  5 o 6 joves aproximadament. El projecte està tenint un índex de satisfacció alta tant pels joves com per als professionals i famílies.